Mediate or Arbitrate?

Positions & InterestsAt Cherry Mediation Center, mediation is our preferred method for dispute resolution. Strong evidence shows that mediation works in over 75% of conflict situations, to the satisfaction of the stakeholders, reducing time spent, legal fees and costs. Perhaps just as important, mediation minimizes the grinding and grilling of the litigation process on parties and witnesses.

Mediation is an excellent tool for helping the parties make their own smarter, better decisions and control their own destinies. Professional neutrals are often able to help attorneys explain to their clients in a clear, respectful manner, both the weaknesses and strengths of their case in a private, confidential setting. Through active listening, Mediators can quickly get everyone focused and on the same wave length, allowing the process to shift from hardened positions to attend to the matters at hand; such as the financial, emotional, legal and other important needs and interests of the parties.

Unlike a Judicial decision, the Mediation Process can and usually does address the underlying disputes presented. Frequently, family ties, old friendships, and long term business relationships are deeply embedded in the conflict. The Mediator’s job in such cases is to bring about respectful dispute resolution and allow the peace motivation within the parties to be expressed, explored and fulfilled.

Mediation Works

A skillful Mediator who listens well works FOR and WITH all sides to strike a respectful resolution of their dispute. Such a mediation will likely be successful, at a fraction of the costs of litigation, and with much less wear and tear on the parties. Some matters simply need to be tried or arbitrated, but 80% to 90% of disputes of all sorts are good candidates for mediation.

At Cherry Mediation Center, we approach each conflict with the assumption that the Mediation Process will be successful. We resolve conflicts, settle disputes and untie legal knots using over 40 years of legal experience. All we require is that the stakeholders voluntarily enter into mediation and give the process a fair shot.

Mediation vs. Arbitration

If negotiation and mediation have not fully resolved your dispute, then Binding Arbitration is available to completely and finally bring your dispute to a fair and respectful resolution. Cherry Mediation Center also offers a fast-track arbitration process at a cost much lower than a traditional arbitration and many times less costly than the litigation process.

If you are seeking resolution to a dispute, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

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