Update for Cherry Law Offices

I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed a Mediator for the California Association of Realtors (CAR) as a Mediation Panelist for portions of both Northern and Central California. (Please see the CAR website.)

It has been over one year since I relocated my office. Since opening, I have not made any new blog posts to my website. I have been busy working as a peacemaker and a peace builder. I am happy to report that my practice has been successful and is growing steadily. I am doing work resolving conflicts in the areas of real estate, business and collaborative family law matters. I am particularly pleased with the progress being made in the real estate and family law areas that I have chosen to focus on.

There have been a number of successful mediations I have completed resolving disputes having to do either with real estate or construction issues. I have also been practicing collaborative family law, working with both husbands and wives as well as same sex couples to co-create peace within the family, even though the parties have chosen to terminate their marriage. It has been successful and a most rewarding aspect of my practice. My clients have understood the advantages of resolving their family law disputes collaboratively, amicably and for the benefit of all members of the family, including grandparents, mates and children of the family.

As a Rotarian I have also been working as the chair of the Peace and Conflict Resolution Committees for both the Sonora Sunrise Rotary Club and our Rotary District 5220. The main project we have been working on is creating and growing a highly successful program to resolve conflict utilizing student mediators. We call the program “Mentoring Student Mediators.” It has been rewarding and extremely successful in creating peace within the schools and within the families of the students who have learned the skills of peacemaking and nonviolent communication both at school and at home.

In short, my motto is to be peace and do peace. I am pleased to report that I have made progress in both areas and I remain committed to continuing my work for as long as I am able.

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