What my colleagues are saying about Peace

James O’Dea was my master teacher for the Peace Ambassador Training class I took.  It was one of the best classes I ever experienced.  James is an extraordinary teacher and Peace Builder.  Here is his Declaration as a Peace Ambassador which I embrace completely.

I am a Peace Ambassador by James O’Dea

I am moving from being locked into anger and outrage at war and violence or being defined as a protest movement to creating a culture of peace from the ground up and from the inside out.

I am moving from reactive finger-pointing condemnation and judgment of others arising out of my presumed superior moral positions to engaging in dialogue, listening and non-violent communication strategies.

I am moving from making those who disagree with us as the enemy to recognizing the inherent flaw in creating hostility or enmity as a peace strategy. In this way my work attempts to dissolve polarizing approaches and behaviors.

I am moving from a consciousness that is problem-sourced to one which is solution centered. This has a radical impact on how I organize. I am informed by vision and my tactics are not always defined by the opposite side of the problem.

I am moving from piecemeal, feel-good, band-aid approaches and interventions to whole system maps and whole scale systemic transformation.

I am moving from relying on ideological frameworks and intellectual theories to integral approaches that are embodied manifestations of peace at individual and collective levels.

I am moving from activism which leads to burn-out and relationship breakdown to one in which working for the cause of peace requires self-care and time for quality relationships.

I am moving from the battle ground of proving who is right and who is wrong to understanding worldviews and how they are transformed and exploring who is wounded and how they can find healing.

I am moving from an obsession with punishment to the search for truth, reconciliation and restorative justice.

I am moving from demanding rights to assuming our responsibility to create environments which promote rights and emphasize individual and collective responsibility for an ecologically sustainable, socially just, democratically vibrant and healthy world.

I am moving from merely critiquing the absence of humanity in others to honing our collective capacities for compassionate action, deep empathy and authentic forgiveness.

I am a peace Ambassador and I am moving towards planetary peace.

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